Thursday, November 18, 2010

Marie Gardeski at the Holiday Art Market at Artlink

Holiday Art Market will be open for business Friday, November 19, 2010 through January 2, 2011 for holiday shopping needs.

Among the artists you'll find Marie Gardeski with her crazy hand soaps.

We have asked her some questions so you can get to know her better.

What inspires you?

I'm inspired by segments of stories, overheard and read. I get ideas from occurrences I witness (a boy on a bike, crossing the road with 2 eggs in one hand) and odd/humorous bits of conversation I overhear ("she's the only woman in the world who can eat beef through a picket fence"). Many of the characters I draw are inspired by broken action figures, strange old toys and figurines. And, of course, tiny plastic animals.

What medium do you primarily work in? Why did you select this medium?

Mostly I draw with graphite and colored pencil and paint with watercolors and gouache. These materials allow me to make the delicate lines and soft colors that I love. I also do installation work in various materials including found objects...

Sometimes my artwork later turns into something more like a product... Like Handsoap. Other times I make items for myself that I think will be handy, and end up making more of them to sell, in hopes that others would find it useful as well (i.e. tote bags, wrist zips). Many of my sewn products are made from second hand materials.

What do you put in your art that represents you? Everything.

Do you try to make a statement with your art?

I try to tell stories with my art. Vague tales that can (hopefully) be interpreted in various ways by different viewers.

What is your favorite aspect of art?

I like being able to express myself in a subtle way. I like making things that people might enjoy or puzzle over. I also enjoy developing new ideas and ways of creating images and objects. I like that art is an excuse for me to play.

Who inspired you to be an artist and who are your favorite artists?

I have always been interested in making things. Growing up I spent most of my spare time drawing or sewing or assembling something. My parents have always been very supportive.

Recently I discovered the work of Allyson Mellberg-Taylor which has a delicacy and weirdness that I love. I also enjoy the work of Marcel Dzama, Henry Darger and of course, my husband david birkey.

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