Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cat Voors and her Cat's Creations!

Here is another artist of our Artlink holiday sale, check out the interview and her works at Artlink!
What inspires you?
What inspires me is a particular piece of stone or other element that becomes a focal point and the otherparts of the piece come together organically. Sometimes a piece never gets finished.
What medium do you primarily work in? Why did you select this medium?I primarily work in stone and glass and some silver.I love natural elements – stones, pearls, even wood. I want to get more involved with creating silver projects.
What do you put in your art that represents you?
I need my pieces to be unique. I will make several like pieces of costume jewelry on occasion, but the better pieces are one of a kind.
Do you try to make a statement with your art?
I don't try to make a statement. If I finish a piece and put it up for sale it is because I like it and wouldwear it and hope someone else will as well.

What is your favorite aspect of art?
My favorite aspectofart is to see it come together without my forcing it. That is why I call my jewelry art – because I am the one with the tools but the pieces come together on their own.

Who inspired you to be an artist and who are your favorite artists?I was inspired by a gal I met and whose name I never knew. She made lovely jewelry and made me want to get involved with that mixed medium. I have so enjoyed this creative outlet and meeting so many lovely people who stop to look at what I've made.

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