Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lorri Courtney...rock 'n' roll!

Below are some thoughts from Lorri Courtney on her creations: octopus dolls and bowls made of long playing records and journals with theircover!! Indiecool in Fort Wayne!

What inspires


First, I consider myself a crafter not an artist. I
don't presume to have any vision or
viewpoint with my work. I just like
making things. I mostly knit and crochet and work with paper. I
like manipulating
yarn to make textures and patterns. I've made many sweaters over the years but
lately find that I do
better with smaller projects that I can finish quickly and move on. I started making the
little octopus dolls a few years ago and
they've really caught on. I sell
them locally
but also on-line at my Etsy shop. Etsy's a crafter's website that
has worldwide
appeal. I've sold to Austria, Wales, and Canada as well as all over the USA. My site is

I grew up with a very creativ
mother. She was an expert seamstress, she liked to knit and crochet, and did beautiful crewel work. My sister and I
were always busy. We always has a jigsaw puzzle or a latch hook rug out to work on. I remember we had a
papercutter and I loved using it. It
seems I always had something to do.

How did you start?

crafting "career" started when I went to my first indie craft show
in Columbus, Ohio. I saw hip, talented people making
unusual things
that I absolutely loved. The indie movement seems to attract young, creative, free-thinkers
who want to create
unique pieces that represent their point of view. After that
show I decided
to start making things that I could sell. It's been fun experimenting and especially
exciting when
others like what I make.

I started making bowls out of
discarded long
playing records which lead to using the cardboard covers to make journals. Both of these
items are fun to make and share. I love the reaction when
someone finds their favorite recording
artist or an album from their past.

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